#SanFrancisco targets #marijuana retailers with mega-regulation

Marijuana is about to get a lot more expensive in San Francisco.

City leaders are advancing a proposal to create a $700,000 Office of Cannabis to handle permitting of recreational marijuana sales. Meanwhile, the city is expected to propose rules within three months dictating where pot-selling businesses can open.

Mayor Ed Lee introduced legislation last week to create the Office of Cannabis within the Office of the City Administrator, a mayor-appointed position currently held by Naomi Kelly.

Kelly would have the power to appoint the director of the new marijuana department. The Office of Cannabis is expected to include three staff positions costing a total of $472,465 in salaries.

The powers of the director of the Office of Cannabis would be to “issue, deny, condition, suspend, or revoke cannabis-related permits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations,” according to the legislation.

Those objecting to the director’s decision could appeal to the Board of Appeals.

State law allows cities to regulate recreational use with local controls like permitting, land use and taxation.

Kevin Reed, founder of Green Cross, one of the approximate 38 permitted medical marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco, opposes the new department.

“Based upon my expertise, I believe the creation of such a department is unnecessary; it increases costs to an already costly and bureaucratic permitting process, burdens the industry, in particular, small business owners, and is poor use of city resources and taxpayer funds,” Reed said.

Welcome to San Francisco Mr. Reed.

Source: San Francisco Examiner


One thought on “#SanFrancisco targets #marijuana retailers with mega-regulation

  1. The first rule in any Economic course that you take is.. If you want LESS of something you regulate it and tax it. If your want more of something you .. deregulate it. San Fran is making it so expensive that illegal weed is cheaper. welcome to Socialism.


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