In Sacramento, Democrats run circles around Republicans…again

Legislation California Democrats introduced Monday to help state Sen. Josh Newman survive a recall election isn’t the first time in recent years they and Gov. Jerry Brown have teamed up to change voting rules to gain advantage before an upcoming ballot.

The new legislation Senate Democrats put forth this week as part of the budget package has taken flack from proponents of the recall effort such as former San Diego councilman Carl DeMaio. It would add so many months to the current time line of certifying a recall election for the ballot that the vote would likely happen at the regularly scheduled June 5, 2018 election, when competitive primaries for governor, treasurer and other offices will help drive Democratic turnout.

Newman can only stand to benefit from a later recall election, and more so, from being on a regularly scheduled ballot.

Elected by just 2,498 votes last fall, he can’t expect the turnout for a special election to be in his favor, the way he can the turnout for a regular election.

The vote can come up as soon as Thursday.​ If passed and signed, it would take effect immediately.

Source: Sacramento Bee



One comment

  1. The picture above says it all folks. The 3 amigos’ of corruption and crime teaming up to kill off the will of the people in a re-call. Red Jerry cannot let freedom have a voice or his scam of Climate Change and the massive corrupt PONZI scam he;s built is breath taking. Like his former Mob Boss, Barry Soweto Obama, Jerry is rigging the elections once again to stop the will of the people. Lets hope that Att Gen Sessions can start RICCO investigations into the purposeful destruction of the Late Great State of Kalyfornia. demise under Jerry’s political corruption.


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