#KamalaHarris bombs in national debut at Senate hearing

During Sen. Kamala D. Harris’ 25-year career in law enforcement, she has established herself as a formidable presence in the courtroom, on the campaign trail and ultimately in government.

It’s the résumé of hard-charging legal advocate, not unlike many others in Congress, where she is now a freshman senator from California. Those who know her also know she doesn’t back down.

While such attributes are often rewarded in Washington, they’re not going over so well for Harris. As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee responsible for investigating Russian interference with the 2016 election and connections between the country and Trump campaign officials, Harris has landed a star role in the country’s political drama.

And she bombed.

Harris basically looked like a jerk, unprofessional and self-centered. She might want to ask her colleague Senator Feinstein for advice on how to behave like a grown-up.  California voters deserve better than this.

Source: Mercury News


One comment

  1. When you elect a far left radical like this babe, don’t expect any thing special. Her questioning of the CIA appointee was if he would protect Trany’s & gays in the military. Not much brain power there folks. San Fran Radical Dem’s don’t play well in the rest of America


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