President #Trump wants Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel back at the #FCC

President Trump intends to nominate Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel to return to the Federal Communications Commission after her term lapsed at the end of last year because of political maneuvering.

The White House announced the coming nomination of Rosenworcel, a supporter of tough net neutrality rules for online traffic, late Monday night.

Her first five-year term expired in May 2016 but she was allowed to stay on until the end of the year as Democrats pushed Senate Republican leaders to allow a confirmation vote after President Obama renominated her.

Andrew Jay Schwartzman, a Georgetown University law professor and longtime telecommunications consumer advocate, cheered the decision to renominate Rosenworcel.

“This appointment rights a wrong, because she deserved confirmation last year, and should have been sitting on the commission all along,” he said. “I look forward to her zealous advocacy for universal broadband deployment, especially for younger Americans.”

The regulations are designed to ensure the unfettered flow of online content. They prohibit broadband providers from slowing Internet speeds for some content such as video streams, selling faster lanes for delivering data or otherwise discriminating against any legal online material.

The move was strongly opposed by feckless Republicans and greedy broadband providers, such as AT&T Inc.

Source: LA Times

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