America could learn from China about dealing with corrupt business leaders

Unlike the U.S., the Chinese take a dim view of business corruption. Their justice is swift and harsh.

Take for example, Anbang Insurance Group Co., which announced recently that Chairman Wu Xiaohui was stepping aside because he was temporarily unable to fulfill his role due to “personal reasons.”

The global insurance company, which acquired the Waldorf Astoria New York hotel in 2014, is one of the largest insurance groups in China, according to its website. A short statement from the company did not address the magazine story or indicate how long Wu might be gone.

His abrupt departure doesn’t come as a total surprise. In recent years, dozens of senior executives in China have mysteriously vanished.

Most are believed to have been caught up in an aggressive anti-corruption campaign that has targeted financial industry executives, government officials and the heads of state-owned companies.

In many cases, the disappeared have returned. In others, they have turned up in custody or were found dead.

Americans could learn a thing or two from the Chinese.

Source: LA Times


One thought on “America could learn from China about dealing with corrupt business leaders

  1. We need to learn from China on how to deal with the massive coruption of the DC establishment and the criminal organization called the Democrat Party. In China the dem’s and corrupt REPUBs would be locked up for many years or worse due to the crimes they are doing on the American people. Business leaders like Sunday school kids when compared to the democrat and Establishment RINO’s.


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