Clueless pols want Congress to copy California gun laws

California’s firearms laws, already among the nation’s toughest, have been further stiffened by legislators and voters in the past year with bans on high-capacity gun magazines and the sales of guns with so-called bullet buttons that enable speedy reloading, and a requirement, to take effect in 2019, of background checks for buyers of ammunition.

And as firearms advocates challenge those laws in court, lawmakers are considering further measures that would ban gun possession on school grounds and limit purchases of rifles and shotguns to one per month, a restriction that already applies to handguns. But one of the Legislature’s leading supporters of gun control said Wednesday that without congressional action to stem the free flow of weapons throughout the country, there’s not much more the state can do.

“We have tightened our laws but we don’t have closed (states’) borders,” said state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco. “Until Congress acts and addresses what is a national issue in a country awash in guns, we’re going to see these horrific tragedies.”

Aaaaaa ha ha ha ha! Fat chance of that happening anytime soon Scott.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


One comment

  1. Good Luck Mr leftist Democrat. We have a Bill of rights and that just must drive you followers of Marx crazy knowing that a heavily armed population will resist your attempt to re-make America into Comrade Chavez’s Marxist Utopian nightmare.


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