If you’re a #SiliconValley elite, it’s OK to beat your wife

Only after significant public outcry over a tech executive’s favorable plea bargain in a domestic violence case, will a judge take a second look at the deal while activists calling for it to be scrapped rally outside the courthouse.

Wife-beater and loser Abhishek Gattani had faced two felony counts of domestic violence in Santa Clara County Superior Court for allegedly beating his wife, Neha Rastogi. But feckless prosecutors, citing difficulties in proving the case, agreed to let the former CEO of the startup Cuberon plead no contest to a felony “accessory after the fact” and misdemeanor “offensive touching’’ — even though it would be his second conviction related to allegations of domestic violence.

Under the deal, Gattani would serve 15 days in jail, spend five months picking up trash along the freeways on weekends and potentially avoid deportation to his native India.

Like “Emily Doe,’’ whose speech decrying Stanford student-athlete Brock Turner’s light sentence became a viral rallying cry against “rape culture,’’ Rastogi’s statement on the web in April about her husband’s plea deal drew sympathy.

The case also has been mentioned by Attorney General Jeff Sessions as an example of a permissive immigration system he plans to whip into shape.

Source: Mercury News


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