#Republicans nailed for lying to voters about #NewmanRecall


Sen. Josh Newman, D-Fullerton, is asking state officials to investigate his allegations that the GOP groups leading an effort to recall him are misleading Southern California voters into signing petitions to oust him from office.

Richard Rios, Newman’s attorney, claims signature gatherers are telling voters that the petition to recall Newman will stop the $52 billion gas tax recently approved by the Legislature. Rios says that the actions violate the state Elections Code, which establishes a misdemeanor offense for intentionally making false statements regarding the content of a petition.

The complaint includes images of signature gatherers sitting at tables with red signs that read “Stop the Gas Tax.” A handwritten sign in one of the pictures says “Repeal the Gas Tax!!! Sign petition today.”

The attorney also attached emails written in a response to an email blast by opponents of the recall. He says the emails are from constituents in the 29th Senate District – which encompasses parts of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties – asking for their names to be removed from the petition because they signed it thinking it would repeal the gas tax.

Source: Sacramento Bee


One thought on “#Republicans nailed for lying to voters about #NewmanRecall

  1. When a Follower of Marx is on the hot seat and his Job is threatened with a recall, they squeal like a stuck pig.Then.. Jerry and his thugs jump in and change the rules, making it harder to recall a crooked Democrat and thwart democracy and the will of the people. Welcome to the USA version of Venezuela and Comrade Chavez’s older brother,, Governor Moonbean.


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