#SiliconValley elites dump tons of carbon into the atmosphere

What do Mark Zuckerberg’s private security officers and drivers of school buses, Uber cars and the many construction vehicles sitting curbside on Palo Alto’s streets have in common?

They’re all idlers — of parked vehicles. And to the dismay of many city residents, their idling vehicles spew pollutants into the air that could harm people and the environment.

Neilson Buchanan, who lives just north of downtown, said he sees idling vehicles all over town.

One day last week, Buchanan noticed shuttles and vans idling as they waited at the Caltrain stop for passengers; a bus idling as its passengers toured the Apple store; and Uber and Lyft drivers parked in the shade near his home waiting for customers during the evening rush hour.

“Not only do I see them, I can hear them and smell them,” Buchanan said. “The noise and smell pollution from diesel trucks is unmistakable. It’s kind of annoying to hear all the rumble, rumble, rumble.”

Diesel trucks and buses aren’t the only culprits. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s private security detail has been outed.

Source: Mercury News


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