#CaGOP finally starts to panic about #OrangeCounty, but they still hate #Latinos

For decades, the California Republican Party has put hating Latinos before winning elections. However, now that the clue bird has finally landed, they’re starting to panic.

As Orange County faces questions about its reputation as a Republican bastion, Rep. Devin Nunes told party donors at a recent fundraiser that their pushback was key to fighting the majority Democrats’ power in the state.

“It is so critical for us to win here and keep winning here,” the Tulare Republican said.

Nunes was the keynote speaker of the Orange County GOP’s annual Flag Day fundraiser. The event was a testament to the vulnerability of some of his fellow Republicans — members of Congress who were reelected last fall but also saw Hillary Clinton win their districts.

Protesters greeted attendees on their way into the Hotel Irvine. And several of the lawmakers who are under pressure ahead of the 2018 midterm were at the fundraiser.

The gathering came at a time when the GOP brand is in peril in Orange County, where voters favored a Democrat for president for the first time since the Depression.

Four Orange County House seats are key to Democratic efforts to retake Congress next year.

But the roughly 1,000 attendees were unfazed.“Bring it on,” said Fred Whitaker, the county party chairman. So sorry Latinos, you’ll get no love from the GOP dinosaurs in Orange County…better wait until they’re extinct.

Source: LA Times


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