Clueless #California #voters don’t know who’s running for governor

While Republicans stand on the sidelines and wring their hands, the fight to succeed Democrat Jerry Brown is likely to be the most wide-open and unpredictable California governor’s race in the last two decades.

One would hardly know it, though, talking to voters who haven’t the foggiest notion who’s pursuing the job.

In more than three dozen interviews throughout the Bay Area and its fringes — with Democrats, Republicans and independents ranging in age from their early 30s to late 70s — fewer than a handful could properly identify the candidates seeking the office.

It underscores the disconnect between your average Californian and the political insiders, obsessed as they are over the fight for chairmanship of the state Democratic Party, or the litmus test imposed by liberals pushing a Sacramento-run universal healthcare plan.

Source: LA Times


One thought on “Clueless #California #voters don’t know who’s running for governor

  1. All you need to know there in Kaly is that the billionaires in Sicicon Valley are pulling these Democrats strings with billions in campaign cash. We voters are simply there to make the theft LEGAL.. It won’t matter which democrat wins.. They are ALL Socialists who have an insatiable thirst for taxpayers monies. In the end , due to Prop 47, it will be two democrats and NO Repub on the final ballot. Welcome to your Soviet Style Kalyfornia elections.. The number of folks voting in this one will drop by half after the Primaries.. No point to voting in Klays rigged elections were Jerry has made sure that his favorite voting block of illegal aliens will be the deciding vote. Whites not needed for elections as by design.


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