#Oroville residents think dam repair is a scam

The rush of workers and heavy machinery to the shore of Lake Oroville is so vast and unfamiliar it’s fanning rumors across this rural region that the ruckus couldn’t just be for a historic dam repair.

Some say the around-the-clock clamor high above town must be a secret effort to mine undiscovered metal from the once-booming Gold Country outpost. Others suspect a missile silo is taking shape, not a new spillway to send water down the Feather River.

At the least, many residents are skeptical that the unprecedented, deadline-driven project will restore their shaken faith in the nation’s tallest dam.

Remember, this is a community that has more guns than teeth.

State officials said the effort is both extensive and relatively straightforward. The two damaged spillways, they said, are being rebuilt to maximize safety and strength — and, once again, reliably discharge water.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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