#EpicFail: #MegynKelly bombs again

Epic failure Megyn Kelly gave fake news radio host and far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones — a man who made a name for himself claiming that the 2012 massacre of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was a hoax, that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex-trafficking ring out of a pizza parlor and that the U.S. government was in on the 9/11 attacks, among other claims — nearly 20 minutes of air time. Prime time. Sunday night. On NBC.

That’s 10 more minutes (an eternity in TV-news segment time) than Russian President Vladimir Putin got during the debut of her NBC show, “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly,” this month.

Even before it aired, the interview with Jones caused an uproar among viewers, advertisers and parents of the slain children, who demanded that Kelly cut Jones from her hour-long show.

The concern was that it would legitimize the dangerous figure whose fabricated stories had inspired Sandy Hook deniers to harass and threaten the children’s parents and a gunman to show up at the aforementioned pizza parlor.

Kelly responded to the criticisms by chasing ratings in a feeble attempt to save her fake-career as a journalist.

NBC needs to show Kelly the door.

Source: LA Times


3 thoughts on “#EpicFail: #MegynKelly bombs again

  1. Sorry , but FREE SPEECH is protected.. However, I never hear anyone complain about Bernie Sanders who is a dyed in the wool Stalinist communist who spews hate and lies. Bernie’s mouth can be tied directly to one of his sycophants who tried to assassinate members of Congress for being Republicans


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