How the U.S. economy brutalizes young American women

Young American women are poorer than their mothers and grandmothers were when they were young, more likely to commit suicide and be shut out of high-paying tech jobs — an overall demise in well-being since the Baby Boom generation, according to a new report.

The report by the Population Reference Bureau, “Losing Ground: Young Women’s Well Being Across Generations in the United States,” found that social and structural barriers continue to obstruct the advancement of female members of Generation X and millennials.

For experts working on women’s issues, the report’s conclusions came as no surprise.

The report used 14 measures to assess “well-being” — such as earning capacity, education and health — to calculate the magnitude of the change between the status of young women today relative to women in their mothers’ and grandmothers’ generations when they were the same age.

“We expected to see that there would be certain subgroups of women that would be doing much worse than others, but we were surprised to find that women overall were doing worse than the previous generation,” said Mark Mather, associate vice president of U.S. programs at Population Reference Bureau and co-author of the report.

In addition to health, education and earning capacity, the Population Reference Bureau considered other measures of well-being, including teen birth and maternal mortality rates, the prevalence of cigarette smoking and incarceration rate.

The eroding social safety net, violence against women, unequal pay, were other factors hindering the overall well-being of young women, according to the report.

Source: LA Times


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