After trashing President #Trump, feckless #SiliconValley goes begging for H-1B visas

Peter Leroe-Muñoz, vice president of technology and innovation policy for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a public policy trade association, said tech officials have long wanted an increase in H-1B visas.

Silicon Valley badly needs high-skilled tech workers, but they don’t what American for those jobs.

When asked Monday if President Donald Trump was open to an expansion of the H-1B program, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer would only say, “We’ve talked a lot about visa reform in the past, and I think the president wants to make sure that he listens to the various people who have interest in this subject.”

In other words, get lost losers.

The H-1B program, created by the Immigration Act of 1990, was intended to allow American companies to hire foreign workers with specialized skills that firms could not find in the United States. It put protections were put in place to ensure that companies did not use the law to replace American workers with cheaper labor.

Still, there was controversy. A loophole in the law allowed Disney, Southern California Edison and the University of California, San Francisco to lay off IT workers and replace some of them with H-1B visa holders, causing an uproar.

The bottom line: Silicon Valley is about stealing from America.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


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