#Jews targeted for persecution at #racist #SanFranciscoState

Islamics can chant “death to America” all they want, but if Jews want to hold a rally, the racists at San Francisco State have a big problem.

That’s why a group of Jewish students and local residents sued San Francisco State University over alleged anti-Semitism, accusing school officials of tolerating and encouraging hostility toward Jews and enabling the disruption of an April 2016 campus speech by the mayor of Jerusalem.

“SFSU has fostered and sanctioned anti-Semitism from the highest levels and affirmed the actions of hostile, aggressive and disruptive students to regularly violate the rights of Jewish students,” lawyers for three leaders of the campus Jewish group Hillel and three nonstudents said in the federal court lawsuit.

They cited incidents dating back to 1994 — when a mural showing stars of David intertwined with dollar signs was displayed at the student union, then painted over after protests — and said Jewish students “feel fearful, intimidated and threatened on campus.”

The suit seeks unspecified damages and court orders barring the alleged anti-Semitic policies at San Francisco State.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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