PAC targets GOP House seats in California

Former Rep. Ellen Tauscher of Pleasanton is easing back into California politics as one of the founders of a new super PAC aimed at flipping seven GOP congressional seats into the Democratic column next year.

Working with Berkeley political consultant Katie Merrill, Tauscher has launched Fight Back California, which plans to spend as much as $10 million between now and next June doing spadework in those targeted districts.

It’s the early start that makes this new effort so different, Tauscher said, especially since it won’t be linked to any particular Democratic candidate.

“You have to start working before the (candidate) filing deadline,” which isn’t until March, Tauscher said. “You have to be in those districts early, talking about local people, local politics and local issues.”

The stakes are high for Democrats. Those seven Republican districts, split among the Central Valley, suburban Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County, represent nearly a third of the 24 seats the party needs to take back the House from the GOP.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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