#PoliceState thug endorses #sanctuarystate bill

Thug LAPD Chief Charlie Beck for the first time offered his full support for a bill that would prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies from carrying out immigration laws, calling it an important proposal that protects the trust between his department and the neighborhoods it polices.

“This is not a soft-on-crime bill,” Beck said Monday at a Los Angeles news conference, with former U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León. “This is not an anti-law enforcement bill. This is a bill that displays courage. The courage of Californians, the courage of Angelenos to understand that when we stand together we are much more effective than when we stand apart.”

Beck is right, it is a Police State bill.

The endorsement is a boon for De León (D-Los Angeles), who authored Senate Bill 54 and has grappled with opposition from law enforcement groups over claims that it could weaken their ability to detain dangerous or repeat criminals. It came as Holder unveiled a letter to U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions arguing that the legislation “is constitutional and not preempted by federal law.”

Holder was temporarily hired by the Senate and Assembly to serve as outside counsel to offer advice on the state’s legal strategy against the incoming administration. He analyzed the legislation as part of that contract and concluded “states have the power over the health and safety of their residents and allocation of state resources.”

Source: LA Times


One comment

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying watching LA’s Top Po-Po doing his best to make sure criminals in his emerging 3rd world city are protected at the expense of the public.. Murder, Robbery, Shop Lifting, Car jacking etc.. ALL have risen significantly due to Jerry releasing thousands of criminals and this idiot backing it up by refusing to remove illegal alien criminals and Illegal aliens from his city.. 95% of the murder warrens in LA are for illegal aliens who flee back to mexico.. Welcome to Venezuela were citizens are forced to lynch criminals on the the spot due to government refusal to go after criminals. At what point, do citizens of LA begin to take matters into their own hands to get justice when the Top Cop refuses to perform his basic duty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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