#SanJose #elites continue their war against the #homeless

Ever since the homeless mega-camp dubbed the Jungle by San Jose elites was brutally eradicated in December 2014, those same elites who live a short distance away along Interstate 280 near McLaughlin Avenue have seen a resilient offshoot appear just beyond their backyards.

Those who live at the new camp call it “Jungle 280” or “Macredes” — a nod to the street with the main access point near the freeway. Now, that entrance is being closed off: Caltrans is putting up an 8-foot-tall grill-like barrier with holes much smaller than a typical chain-link fence, making it nearly impossible to climb. And far tougher to cut.

While the fence is in part a response to neighborhood complaints that started two years ago, advocates for the homeless have dubbed it “The Wall.” And they say it’s the wrong way to go.

“They will literally just cross the street and set up another camp,” said Pastor Scott Wagers of CHAM Ministries, which does outreach to outlier homeless communities via a “Mercy Mobile” distribution center. “Money should be spent on larger solutions — not just keeping people out. It’s building up the level of absurdity.”

“Ever since the Jungle, the solution has been abatement,” Wagers said. “That’s a primitive solution. This is a sophisticated, cutting-edge, high-tech city and that’s the best solution out there? To build a wall?”

San Jose is really a racist city run by brutal elites who only tolerate poor people as long as they stay in their place.

Source: Mercury News


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