This isn’t a discussion about “effectiveness”, this is about #SFPD brutality and murder

San Francisco is exploring, once again, whether to arm police officers with stun guns in an effort to better subdue suspects and decrease shootings, with a working group set to present its findings Wednesday to the city Police Commission.

Proposals to acquire the electric shock weapons have been repeatedly defeated over the past decade, making the San Francisco Police Department the last major city force in the country without them.

But this time, the focus of the debate has shifted.

The main concern in the past were deaths around the country associated with being shocked, but the question now being pressed by critics is whether the devices are effective enough — and what that means for an officer and a subject in an escalating, dangerous encounter.

Seriously? WTF? Everyone knows the SFPD enjoys shooting the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of color. This isn’t really a discussion about “effectiveness”, this is about SFPD brutality and murder.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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