WTF??? #MikeFeuer attacks LA’s marijuana industry

This month, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson’s office released a draft of the regulations that will govern the cannabis business in Los Angeles. The rules were put together after many months of meetings between the city and various stakeholders, including the United Cannabis Business Assn., the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.

From all accounts, the process was collaborative and productive.

Yet when Wesson’s office released its draft on June 8, the cannabis community was shocked. Instead of proposing that cannabis companies receive licenses or permits from the city to do business, the city is proposing that they receive a “compliance document,” which will entitle the holder only to “limited legal immunity.”

It appears that the office of City Atty. Mike Feuer is responsible for this language.

Cannabis proponents fear that the city attorney’s office is stuck in the mentality that equates cannabis with the illegal drug trade, and is only grudgingly accepting its changed status. Or that Feuer may be worried that the city may incur some sort of liability because marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

Source: LA Times


One comment

  1. Yes.. it s illegal still and as one customer told me in Oregon when he bought some reefer. The woman said.. Remember.. It has a stigma attached to it… It is a drug, it’s not harmless and is still illegal under Federal law. Att Gen Sessions is always on the of City Att Wessons mind I bet. Att Gen sessions doesn’t like weed and could use the DOJ to go after these .. well .. drug dealers.


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