On President #Obama’s watch, #Russian hackers targeted election systems in 21 states

On President Obama’s watch, hackers backed by the Russian government targeted voting systems in 21 states last year in an effort to undermine confidence in the principle of free and fair elections, according to U.S. security officials.

While the Russian interference in the 2016 campaign has been known for months, it was the first time U.S. officials have said how many states’ electoral systems were targeted.

Clearly the billions spent on domestic spying by the CIA, the NSA, the FBI and the rest of the Police State did little to stop them.

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, the officials said none of the digital intrusions affected the parts of electoral systems that counted votes — but that they expect Russia to keep trying.

Why not…since our election system is run by Police State goons and morons this is inevitable.

Source: LA Times


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