Will the #SupremeCourt leave #America’s doors wide open for killer #Islamics?

President Trump’s lawyers made a final appeal to the Supreme Court in the pending dispute over his travel ban and quoted Justice Anthony Kennedy — likely a key swing vote — on the need to defer to the chief executive on matters of national security.

The justices are set to meet in their last scheduled conference before the summer recess, and they face a potentially momentous decision on the president’s power to control national borders.

The justices will vote on what to do about Trump’s plan to temporarily “suspend” the entry of foreign travelers from six Muslim-majority nations.

Nations that are known to harbor and export killer Islamics.

So far, feckless lower court judges have blocked President Trump’s order, keeping the door open to killer Islamics.

It is not clear how the justices will proceed, let alone what they will decide.

Source: LA Times


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