Women’s Legislative Caucus endorses #WendyCarrillo

As soon as Congressman-elect Jimmy Gomez announced he was running for Congress, his Assembly colleague Cristina Garcia got to work.

Garcia, a legislator from Bell Gardens who became chair of the Women’s Legislative Caucus in December, called Gomez, other Assembly members, and labor and environmental groups to make it clear: If Gomez won the 34th Congressional District and vacated his Assembly seat, her priority would be electing a woman in his place.

With Gomez headed to Washington after his June 6 win, Garcia said it’s time to put her group’s plan into action.

“It’s simple,” said Garcia in a recent interview. “As long as we don’t have parity, we’re going to fight at every opportunity to try to get another woman in office.”

Women hold 17 out of 80 seats in the state Assembly and nine of 40 of the state Senate seats.

On Wednesday morning, the Democratic arm of the women’s legislative caucus announced it was endorsing Wendy Carrillo, a Democrat who ran in the 34th District primary against Gomez, and who is the only woman running to replace him so far.

Source: LA Times


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