Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions wants and even bigger #PoliceState

Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions has vowed to crack down on crime by sending more criminals to prison for longer periods of time.

In his view, imprisoning more criminals would make families safer, and fewer people would break the law if there were more severe punishments for crimes such as drug offenses.

Great, just what bankrupted California’s prison system. It’s wonderful news for the Police State, but awful news for taxpayers.

In a recent memo to federal prosecutors, Sessions instructed them to pursue the harshest punishments legally allowed, a reversal of an Obama-era move giving federal lawyers more leeway to reserve such prosecutions for repeat offenders and people who had committed the worst of crimes.

Department of Justice officials hope the changes at the federal level — where a sliver of crimes across the country is prosecuted — will trickle down to a similar approach to crime in states.

That’s just great…more thug cops brutalizing citizens. Enjoy your Police State.

Source: LA Times


One thought on “Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions wants and even bigger #PoliceState

  1. OR.. we can go with the Kalyfonria example of insanity and release about 99,000 criminals through outright release under Jerry Brown ( 50,000) or Prop 47 which reduced felonies to misdemeanors. The result is a huge spike in murder, robbery, Shop lifting, property crimes and 26,000 auto burglaries in San Francisco last year. I welcome Att Gen Sessions crackdown on crime and criminals. LONG Jail time does reduce crime and Kaly’s example of ” Soft on Crime ” has resulted in all of us being in danger from these released thugs. Deporting illegal aliens is also a high priority as they are responsible for about one third of the crimes in Kaly. Yes, Att Gen Sessions has the right idea. Going soft on criminals results in MORE Crimes !!!


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