John Chiang hits the road, becomes a media darling

As California treasurer, John Chiang is most comfortable immersed in the state’s finances and rattling off numbers that would sail over average voters’ heads.

But as he embarks on a yearlong tour of the state for his gubernatorial bid, Chiang is trying to show off another side: He’s taking jabs at his rivals, meeting with voters in neighborhood stores and taquerias and doing anything he can to raise his name recognition in the state he hopes to lead, but where few voters know who he is.

As a result, the California media is gushing about him.

With his understated style and lower-profile office, Chiang has not been as visible as Newsom and Villaraigosa — both former big-city mayors with national profiles — something he readily acknowledges on the stump.

“[I’m] the fiscally responsible progressive. It doesn’t capture everybody’s imagination at the outset,” he said at a recent Los Angeles Current Affairs Forum luncheon, when asked about how he would break through in the field.

“But as people start thinking … we’re getting huge responses.”

Source: LA Times


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