#Phony #BernieSanders bleats about California’s universal health care bill

Phony populist Sen. Bernie Sanders is not happy with Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, who on Friday called a proposed California universal health bill “woefully incomplete” and killed it for the year.

“I am extremely disappointed that the speaker of the California Assembly is refusing to allow S.B 562, the single-payer health care bill passed by the state Senate, to come to the Assembly floor for a vote,” Sanders said in a statement issued Saturday.

Having recently urged California to be the nation’s leader in instituting universal health care policy, Sanders has been a strong supporter of Senate Bill 562, which would create a universal, publicly funded health care system for the state.

It is worth noting that Sanders did absolutely nothing to help with the legislation.

After his comments, Sanders got in his limo a was driven away.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. Old Bern is your standard Communist activist… he made over one million $$ last year . NOW … The Bern and his lovely wife are under investigation by the FBI for bank fraud when she lied to get a loan for the now defunct Burlington College she ran into the grd. Kaly is trying to figure out how to rip off Business and the white middle class to pay the four hundred billion plus price tag for free loaders and illegal aliens in kaly to get free care. The followers of Marx will come up with a way to steal the wealth of the middle class in a giant wealth transfer to the voters of the democrat party. However, by that time, the middle class which is fleeing by the hundreds of thousands will have gone and no one will be left to pay the bills


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