#SouthernCaliforniaEdison screws home solar users

Installing a home solar system will soon cost more thanks to feckless Southern California Edison.

Starting July 1, Edison customers will face a $75 fee to connect to the electrical grid system. They also now will have to pay a “public-benefit fee” that will cost most homeowners about $10 a month.

It looks more like a “Southern California Edison benefit fee” to us.

The fees chip away at the financial incentive for homeowners.

For now, homeowners will still benefit from “net metering,” in which they are compensated for the energy they contribute to the electrical grid at the same rates the utility charges its residential customers.

Don’t expect this to last much longer.

The new fees stem from a vote last year by the corrupt California Public Utilities Commission. The commission is a wholly owned subsidiary of the energy industry.

Source: Press Enterprise


One thought on “#SouthernCaliforniaEdison screws home solar users

  1. There isn’t any benefit to solar after this. There was little to begin with though outside of the Greenies trying to feel good about themselves and global warming. The panels need to be cleaned to maintain effectiveness, dirt cuts down the amount produced and they don’t last more than 10 years and have to be replaced. Plus.. Do you really want panels spread all over your roof and if there’s a leak, they have to be dismantled to get to the roof… I’ll stay with regular power .. thank you very much !!


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