#WillieBrown says #HouseDemocrats are stuck with loser #Pelosi

Willie Brown says Nancy Pelosi is catching unholy hell from her Democratic colleagues over the Georgia special election debacle.

He says his phone is ringing off the hook with complaints about Pelosi.

The line in each call is pretty much the same — that the Democrats will never regain control of the House or even the Senate if Pelosi remains the “face of the party.”

The bad news is Pelosi’s replacement would be Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland. The 78-year-old Hoyer just another loser like Pelosi.

So Dems are pretty screwed. Bummer for them.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#WillieBrown says #HouseDemocrats are stuck with loser #Pelosi

  1. PLEASE,,… Leave Nancy in place. I just love watching her dumb mouth babble nonsense and she forgets who the President is often, by thinking that GW Bush is still President… Probably either drunk or getting dementia


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