California routinely lets crooked cops testify in court

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Justin Walter told a jury how he had pulled over a sport utility vehicle for an expired registration tag.

The veteran sergeant went into detail about the stop — how he saw the SUV’s passenger sneak his hand between his seat and the center console. How he had considered the man’s furtive movements suspicious and decided to search the vehicle. And how he had found a few grams of methamphetamine in the spot where the passenger’s hand seemed like it had stuffed something away.

But more than a year after Walter’s testimony led to the conviction of Emil Alseranai on a drug charge, the case has become focused on what the sergeant did not tell the court or anyone else involved in the case: that Walter had previously been found liable by a federal jury in a civil lawsuit accusing him and other deputies of using false evidence or false testimony in a man’s arrest.

In short, cops lie all the time in court and innocent people go to jail. It’s  a great tool for law enforcement and the courts to railroad the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, and people of color into prison.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: LA Times


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