Governor Brown signs biggest California budget ever

Gov. Jerry Brown placed his signature Tuesday on a $183.2-billion state budget, a spending plan that boosts public schools and programs aimed at California’s less fortunate while stashing away an additional $1.8 billion in the state’s long-term cash reserves.

The budget includes money for a few programs that Democrats insisted were a necessary response to the changing political times. Most notably, it includes $50 million to provide legal services for immigrants facing deportation.

The plan for California’s new fiscal year is balanced, in part, by the continued strength of income tax revenue. It also relies on a staggered start date for some of the spending demands made by the Legislature.

California government spending will hit a record high in the budget that begins July 1, up some $12 billion in just a single year.

Source: LA Times


One thought on “Governor Brown signs biggest California budget ever

  1. Folks, we’re screwed. Jerry and his out of control legislature is heading into a serious financial mess with his non-stop spending and tax increases. We can now look at Illonoise as the example of how Dem’s destroy prosperous states.. FIFTY MILLION for .. Illegal alien defense from deportation.. REALLY !!!! More Spending and taxes.. Jerry is definitly steering Klay into an Illoinise financial collapse with these irresponsible budgets that just keep spending. Moving is your ONLY option before the Chickens come home to roost !!


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