Josh Newman Recall: #CaGOP submits signatures after duping voters

The California Republican Party announced Tuesday that it submitted nearly 85,000 voter signatures on a petition to recall Sen. Josh Newman, D-Fullerton.

The campaign needed to come up with 63,593 total signatures by mid-October to force a recall vote in Senate District 29. The signatures must be certified by election officials before the measure can qualify for the ballot.

The Newman campaign questioned the authenticity of the recall effort and said a vote will cost the district $3 million that would be better spent on schools and public safety.

State election officials are investigating allegations that signature gatherers mislead voters by saying the recall petition will repeal the $52 billion gas tax recently approved by the Legislature.

The recall will not impact the gas tax approved by the Legislature.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. More Democrat lies… This is the standard Democrat BS that is handed out to the masses through their sycophants in the media. It costs to much, the sigutures gathers were lying.. blah blah blah !! This is real grass roots democracy in action folks. They are now concerned that they will Lose their Soviet style legislature Super majority in the state legislature and will say anything to preserve absolute and total power over Kaly’s citizens.


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