Moorlach leads #CaGOP’s super-minority in bleating over road repairs

The Professional Engineers in California Government union has been salivating to fill vacancies at Caltrans and add 400 to 500 positions in the next fiscal year.

However in May 2014, the Legislative Analyst’s Office reported that Caltrans was overstaffed by 3,500 engineers, costing more than $500 million a year. A year later, the state auditor found abuses at Caltrans that included one employee playing golf for 55 days, as his supervisors approved his time sheets.

In response to the LAO’s report, Republican Senator John Moorlach wrote Senate Bill X1-9 to bring Caltrans into parity with transportation agencies in most other states, eventually requiring it to contract out 50 percent of architectural and engineering services.

The engineers’ union effortlessly killed that bill. Now the union wants more.

Republican’s say it’s a case of union power versus the needs of the people of the state.

Then again, thanks to years of inept GOP leadership, Moorlach’s opinion really doesn’t matter.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


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