#Homeless camps overrun #Oakland

Welcome to Oakland.

The place looks like a Third World shantytown, a village for the city’s poorest on the fringes of its bustling center.

It’s one of about 100 such sprawling encampments in Oakland, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

They’re likely to get even bigger. The homeless population in Oakland has jumped by 25 percent since 2015.

Nearly 70 percent of homeless people are black, although African Americans made up 28 percent of the city’s 2010 census population.

More than 60 percent of Oakland’s homeless people lived in homes in Alameda County for more than 10 years before they landed on the streets.

And nearly 60 percent said money problems, not addiction or mental health issues, were the primary cause of their homelessness.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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