#Leftists threaten to kill #SpeakerAnthonyRendon

The Leftists who have adopted assassination into an act of public policy have turned their wrath on Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon.

Anger over Rendon’s decision to shelve universal health care legislation in California has turned  into death threats against the Democratic leader.

Rendon said Wednesday that he and his family have experienced “distressing” death threats since announcing late last Friday that the “woefully incomplete” Senate Bill 562 would not move forward this year.

“The threats that I’ve received are threats that, unfortunately, seem to be sort of a standard part of American politics these days,” he said of the messages.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. Theses idiots have absolutely no common sense when it comes to economics and money.. A four hundred BILLION dollar price tag is absurd and if Jerry and the Speaker were stupid enough to do this.. ( They will at some point ) kaly is finished.. think Illonoise.. The Venezuela of America and soon .. California !! . You cannot take that amount of money out of economy and expect people to be prosperous. Arrest the Nurses union leader and charge her with attempted murder and making death threats to public official.


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