Sacramento Update

Lawmakers continue to hide big money behind campaign ads

Who pays for all those political ads that bombard voters every election season?

An effort to make the answer clearer to the public is squeezing California Democrats between two liberal constituencies. On one side, they’re facing pressure from progressive activists who decry the influence of dark money and want more disclosure. On the other, they’re being lobbied by labor unions, which help fund their campaigns and are fighting a bill meant to bring more transparency.

“This is an issue of who spends tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in campaigns, and do they feel that it would hurt the way that they do business?” said Trent Lange, president of the California Clean Money Campaign.

The face-off comes as California Democrats are already suffering from internal divisions that have cleaved left-wing “Berniecrats” from the party’s established leaders. The camps disagreed openly in the race last month for chair of the state party, and in debates in the Capitol over a proposal to create a single-payer health care system.

The Leftists immediately turned to violence, threatening Speaker Rendon with death.

Source: CALmatters


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