#SpeakerRendon; Assembly Democratic Caucus, stand up to death threats

In recent days, we have become alarmed and disheartened by bullying tactics, threats of violence, and death threats by a few who disagree with the decision of Speaker Anthony Rendon to postpone the advancement of SB 562.

While it is appropriate for persons of varying views to express concern, disapproval or disfavor about the delay, it is never acceptable to engage in those tactics. That is not how we make decisions in the Assembly.

In a civil society, this behavior can neither be condoned nor tolerated.

We have seen the impact of bullying in schools and now in the political arena. We have written numerous bills to prevent persons in school and the workplace from being harassed and bullied.

That is not the type of culture we believe allows for open discourse and good decision making. The political campaign of 2016 was filled with verbal attacks and even calls for violence. These are tactics that we all abhor. Let us not become the persons that we detest.

For the past few years, California has embraced the Affordable Care Act with the intent of providing healthcare for all Californians. While we have not reached our goal, we are moving in that direction. There are many ways of achieving the goal of healthcare for all. Included in that list is a single-payer option, an idea that is embraced by many in the Assembly.

As we move forward and continue our commitment to work toward improved healthcare for all Californians, we welcome ideas and discussion from those who want to find a solution.

Well done Democrats.

Source: California State Assembly Democratic Caucus


8 thoughts on “#SpeakerRendon; Assembly Democratic Caucus, stand up to death threats

  1. So.. Even the democrats OWN home grown crazies are now threatening to kill the hand that feeds them if they don’t give them free stuff paid for by the White Middle Class. This is a direct result of Bernie, Nancy and Barry Soweto telling their sycophants to get in their face raise hell, Protest and more anti-Social behavior. Well done democrats,, well done.


  2. These Democrats would be whipping up the hysteria against Republicans if it were Republicans running the California legislature. But when they’re in charge and don’t recreate the universe fast enough to mollify the Loony Left, they’re indignant at being on the receiving end of the rabid mob’s mindless frothing hatred. A healthy lesson for them.


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