Clueless ‘Julius Caesar’ director who wants @Potus dead thinks everyone in America agrees

This is now clueless the guy is who thought killing President Trump in a theatrical performance was a good idea.

The director of the controversial Donald Trump-inspired adaptation of “Julius Caesar” believes that the majority of people in the United States agree with the message it presents about the president.

Clueless Oskar Eustis, the artistic director for The Public Theater in New York, chose to present Caesar in a business suit with blonde hair, a gold bathtub and a Slovenian wife his the adaptation of the classic Shakespeare play. Eustis didn’t change the details of the plot line though, in which Caesar is brutally stabbed to death in Act 3.

Despite public backlash condemning the production’s use of a Trumpian Caesar and corporate sponsors pulling their support from the play, Eustis is sticking to his artistic stance.

“We can’t allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed. We can’t allow ourselves to feel we’re completely isolated. We’re not,” Eustis told the Associated Press. “We’re speaking for the majority of the country and we need to draw strength from that and step out and take the risks that will really fulfill the arts’ historic function.”

There you have it. Another example of the brutal Left’s stated policy of supporting political assassination to advance their policy goals.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: The Daily Caller


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