In order to make more money, brutal union moves to cut dialysis services for patients

Senate Bill 349 is being sold as a patient protection measure for those undergoing dialysis but, in reality, it puts the health of unions above the health of patients.

The legislation, introduced by state Sen. Ricardo Lara, D-Bell Gardens, who also coauthored the now defunct single-payer health care bill, would require dialysis centers to maintain rigid minimum staffing ratios at all times.

In addition, it would mandate that chairs remain empty for at least 45 minutes between patients.

The true motivation seems to be to advance an effort to unionize employees at dialysis centers. Not surprisingly, the bill is cosponsored by SEIU-United Healthcare Workers West and the United Nurses Association of California/Union of Health Care Professionals.

Source: Press Enterprise


One comment

  1. wanna know why your healthcare costs in Kalyfornia is off the hook, ?? It’s democrats like this one who are pushing these bills to create more union jobs at a time when Union participation is dropping dramatically.


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