#Republican math: #SanDiego spends more, but does less for the #homeless

Nice going San Diego.

The incompetently run city of San Diego shelters fewer homeless people today than it did in 2007, despite spending millions of dollars to add thousands of shelter beds.

That’s 85 percent more beds than a decade ago, but 12 percent fewer sheltered people.

Is it Republican math Mayor Falconer?

San Diego — homeless population 9,116 — is one of 19 municipalities in the country that sheltered fewer people while its bed count and homeless population grew, according to numbers disclosed in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s annual homelessness reports to Congress.

Residency rules — especially restrictions on spouses, significant others and pets — are the most common reason police say homeless residents turn down shelter.

City-funded shelters do not take all comers, despite contracts that require adherence to so-called “low-barrier” admission standards.

Most homeless people who entered a city-funded shelter over the past two years did not reach a permanent home, a milestone that could allow shelter providers to help someone new.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune


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