Violence erupts as brutal cab drivers target Tijuana cross-border shuttle

Building a company that ferries passengers between Tijuana and San Ysidro is Carlos Díaz’s long-fought dream.

So when rock-throwers began targeting his Ticketon buses as the vehicles made their way from Tijuana’s airport to the U.S.-Mexico border, there was no question. He would keep going — even after 23 incidents in the past 16 months.

Just as it seemed things couldn’t get any worse, Díaz’s luck may have turned a corner. Business leaders and public officials in Tijuana are vowing that the rock-throwing attacks must stop; in recent days, they’ve made public statements and held news conferences to support Díaz, Ticketon’s founder and president. And on Monday, for the first time, police arrested three suspects.

“This is not just an act against Ticketon,” Baja California tourism secretary Oscar Escobedo said in a Tijuana news conference. “This affects all tourism operators in the state.”

In the complex world of cross-border commerce, Ticketon fills a niche: shuttling passengers between Tijuana and San Diego in a narrow strip that spans the international border.

With 25 buses, minibuses and vans of varying sizes, the company transports an average of 180 clients per day. Most of those customers are passengers in transit, making their way between Tijuana’s A.L. Rodríguez International Airport and San Ysidro, where they board buses for destinations such as Anaheim, Riverside, Ontario and Santa Ana.

Ticketon is not the first cross-border bus company targeted by rock-throwers.

Police arrested three suspects. Two of those individuals are linked to the yellow taxis, police said, and all three face charges of carrying out a dangerous attack as well as causing property damage connected to gang activity.

The leader of the yellow taxis, Oscar Morales, could not be reached for comment.

Source: LA Times


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