Another Perv Busted: #SexualHarassment Remains Rampant in #SiliconValley

Silicon Valley is facing a tsunami of sexual harassment accusations that are spurring apologies, resignations and self-reflection, as well as doubts as to whether the charges will produce real change for women in the tech industry.

One of the latest, Dave McClure, a prominent venture investor, said on Saturday that he is sorry for making “inappropriate advances” toward several women in workplace situations, and is no longer leading the venture capital fund he co-founded, 500 Startups.

But he remains a general partner at the firm…making millions. Nothing really changed for Dave.

Reports of sexism in the industry are not new, but more women are speaking out on the record and naming their harassers. That’s even though women have faced ostracism for calling out such behavior, with companies playing down or outright ignoring complaints.

Those issues can be particularly acute for women leading startups, as their companies are dependent on clubby venture capitalists for funding.

Source: CBS News


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