Greedy #Realtors, developers, and feckless politicians, continue to crush #California home buyers, renters

With greedy Realtors, feckless developers and their political pawns in Sacramento controlling California’s housing market, the march toward high rents in Los Angeles appears not to be letting up. Rents for Angelenos have risen 5 percent since last June, according to a report released Monday by an apartment listings company.

It’s another crushing blow leveled directly at poor and middle class families in California by the elites who run control the state.

The median monthly rent for a two-bedroom in Los Angeles is $1,720, more than the national average, which is $1,150, the report shows.

The San Francisco-based Apartment List says their metholodology was recently upgraded. The company uses statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, and then uses more current information from their own website’s listings to calculate the growth rate that determines the current month’s rental statistics.

Source: LA Daily News


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