#Racist Missouri rolls back minimum wage

Racist Missouri is bucking the national trend and screwing the working poor and people of color at the same time.

Cities all over the United States have been boosting their minimum wage. It’s up to $15 an hour in Seattle, but it’s going in the opposite direction in St. Louis.

Next month, the minimum wage in Missouri will drop from $10 to $7.70 an hour — ten bucks an hour was a mistake, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens says.

No Governor, you are a mistake.

Source: CBS News


One thought on “#Racist Missouri rolls back minimum wage

  1. The headline is all wrong. It should read ” Missouri rolls back minimum wage, Job Market grows ” After looking at the debacle of Seattle experiment with jacking wages to people who have little experience or education, it was found that the hours were cut, while wages rose. The average low skilled worker was paid an average of $125 LESS a month. While wages go up under this crackpot plan, the businesses budget does NOT increase. Economics 101 .. Less workers are hired and as we see in San Francisco, ” Bot” are now replacing low skilled workers… Think Wendy’s and McDonald eliminating cashiers in favor of Kiosks ordering.. Missouri got it right !!!


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