#SexualHarassment in #SiliconValley is big…real big

The annual Female Founders Conference, hosted by the Mountain View startup accelerator Y Combinator, usually features feel-good speeches from female industry leaders on their professional journey. But this year had a darker subtext, which many of the speakers faced head-on: sexual harassment in Silicon Valley.

The conference, attended by nearly 1,000 female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, took place at San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre on June 29 — a day before the New York Times reported new accusations of harassment against venture capitalists including Lowercase Capital’s Chris Sacca and Dave McClure of 500 Startups.

Sacca and McClure both published apologies in light of the Times article. McClure has resigned as a general partner at 500 Startups, he confirmed Monday in a tweet.

More than a quarter of tech industry women recently surveyed by workplace compensation and culture data site Comparably reported that they had been sexually harassed at work.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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  1. Aren’t these the same leftist morons who lecture us on President rump, sponsor leftist rallies against his voters and then preach moral superiority to us while chasing skirts in the office and making billions ?? Oh Yeh, those guys


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