#Islamics boycott #Starbucks for supporting #LGBT rights

Islamics in Malaysia and Indonesia have called for a boycott of Starbucks because of the coffee chain’s support for LGBT rights.

Malaysian group Perkasa, which supports a hard-line form of Islam and nationalism, this week called on its more than 500,000 members to stay away from Starbucks coffee shops. This week and last, leaders of Indonesia’s second largest mainstream Muslim group, Muhammadiyah, with an estimated 29 million members, denounced the chain.

Perkasa also said that the Malaysian government should revoke the trading license given to Starbucks and other companies such as Microsoft and Apple that support LGBT rights and same-sex marriage.

Amini Amir Abdullah, who heads Perkasa’s Islamic affairs bureau, said Muslims should stay away from Starbucks because its pro-gay rights policy is against Islam and Malaysia’s constitution.

Can California be far behind?

Source: LA Times


One thought on “#Islamics boycott #Starbucks for supporting #LGBT rights

  1. This would be the first time EVER, that I would support what these guys are saying. Most of the big Corporations seem to think it’s kool to mix their leftist politics with business. Ask the Board of Levi Strauss what happened to the jean business after they went all in for special rights for homosexual .They were boycotted and lost a huge section of their business to Wrangler Jeans. The Islamic’s finally got one right !!!


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