It won’t be long before you can’t afford water in California

It won’t be long before California’s big government figures out how to shake you down for the water you buy.

The price of almost everything is on the rise, but we tend to shrug off inflation in goods and services we can cut back or do without. Not water, the rising cost of which is looming as a defining “economic” problem in coming years.

Sure there’s plenty of water now that the drought is busted. California however isn’t building up its infrastructure or increasing supply to go serve its growing population. A low supply means higher prices…and more money for the government and more importantly, the government’s generous lobbyists who pour millions into politicians campaign accounts.

In California and across the nation, concern about water affordability has been spreading, with good reason. Few basic commodities are under as much cost pressure.

Outside California, some municipalities are taking aggressive steps to bring down the cost of water for low-income residents.

Finding ways to ensure affordability is an especially acute problem in California, where water service is provided by a patchwork of more than 3,000 city, county, mutual and private agencies, some of which are too small to shoulder the burden of lifeline rates for their poorest customers.

Complicating the issue is that water rates are generally set locally. Everyone is getting a piece of the action.

Source: LA Times

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  1. Our water bill in Marin is $178 for two months. We keep a nice garden and a green lawn. In Oregon, the same water usage runs $38.00 for two months. Jerry and his one party soviet style legislature , along with the cities, are ripping us off blind here. Yet, the rubes still walk in lockstep and vote for MORE taxes and democrats who raise the cost of everything Time to move folks and let the every wealthy and very poor enjoy whats left as the middle class heads to the border.


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