#Racist #Hollywood treats #Asians with blatant discrimination

Face it, Hollywood is run by a bunch of greedy racist jerks. They have no problems screwing people out of their hard earned money. Asians have always been a favorite target.

Korean American actor Edward Hong has played characters in dozens of TV shows and movies over the years, including as “Math Olympian Dude,” “Chinese Man #2” and, in a top-rated network sitcom, “Male Night Nurse.”

Soon, he will appear in the independent film “Please Stand By” as the “Cinnabon Guy.”

“In Hollywood, there are a lot of opportunities, but it is always for small roles with one-liners,” Hong said in an interview. “If you want to be a store owner, the nail salon lady or the IT-tech guy, those are the parts, but rarely do we get a chance to be the main character.”

He’s not bitter, he said, just realistic about the plight of being an Asian American actor in Hollywood.

This week served as a stark reminder that even those who have reached some of the highest levels in the entertainment industry still face obstacles. Two prominent actors — Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park — quit CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” amid claims they were paid less than their white counterparts.

The controversy has motivated actors to be more vocal about what they say have been decades of inequities.

White Hollywood will no doubt fight back.

Source: LA Times


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