#CaGOP losers nowhere to be found in California’s 2018 statewide races

While a bevy of political hopefuls have jumped into the 2018 races for governor and lieutenant governor, most of California’s other premiere statewide political posts aren’t exactly drawing a crowd.

Aside from governor, California has seven constitutional officers chosen by the statewide electorate — all of which will be on the 2018 ballot.

Two Democratic incumbents, Controller Betty Yee and Secretary of State Alex Padilla, have yet to get challengers. And the state treasurer and insurance commissioner posts, usually catnip to the politically ambitious, have just a single candidate apiece.

Capture2To no one’s surprise, there is a dearth of Republican candidates. California voters have pretty much turned their backs on these racist losers. The last time a Republican won a statewide race was over a decade ago.

The June primary election, when the top two finishers advance to a general election, is still 11 months away, so there’s time for other candidates to join the fray. But the sluggish rollout to the 2018 campaign is still surprising given how coveted these posts usually are.

Source: LA Times


One thought on “#CaGOP losers nowhere to be found in California’s 2018 statewide races

  1. Since Prop 14 has effectively killed off ALL opposition to elected offices by any party other than a democrat, I fully expect these offices to have only democrats in place after the primary. The governors race WILL be two democrats and no Repubs. The number of people voting in the general election has been plummeting as it always does after the primary due to Kalys soviet style one party election system due to Prop 14. The two top vote getters laws is a disaster. It guarantees that you have the same choices that the voters in the Soviet Union had.. Any one of the above as long as they are democrats.. May I suggest a complete boycott of these rigged elections were anybody can vote. Swear your a citizen on line, Motor Voter were the illegals sign up to illegally vote, fake registrations and voters rolls that are so out of date, that a TV station in LA before the November election found hundreds of dead people voting for up to 25 years.. Boycott it and make their power grab meaningless with an extremely low turnout.


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