California climate program to be extended to 2030

Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative leaders introduced a proposal to reauthorize California’s cap and trade program, the centerpiece of the state’s efforts to battle climate change.

The plan consists of two separate bills: AB 398, which would extend the life of the program until 2030 and modify how the cap-and-trade market operates, and AB 617, which aims to address concerns about air quality in communities by increasing monitoring and imposing stricter penalties on polluters.

The proposal would make several significant changes to how the current system operates, including giving the California Air Resources Board more authority.

Brown is seeking a two-thirds vote on the cap-and-trade bill, which would guard the program against potential legal challenges. The measure includes several provisions to lure Republicans, whose support could be pivotal for supermajority approval, including a repeal of a fire prevention fee that the GOP has attacked as an illegal tax and an extension of a tax credit for manufacturers.

Source: LA Times


One comment

  1. Looking forward to watching the mass exodus of business if the repubs are this stupid and bought off. Tell me again how they are for smaller government if they go for this obvious trap. Democrat lite is NOT a wining strategy in light of the coming governors race…


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